Palermo Private Walking Tour:

Palermo is the biggest neighborhood of the 48 of Buenos Aires, and it has many different areas with extremely different vibes. Each one of these has their own unofficial name (Chico, Barrio Parque, Palermo Park, Viejo which includes SoHo and Hollywood).

We will start the tour walking in the amazingly quiet and beautiful small streets of Barrio Parque, where you have some of the most beautiful houses in the city. The styles of this sub-neighborhood host houses of a very varied and eclectic architecture (Victorian, Spanish colonial, French maisons, etc). These small round streets remind Belgravia in London.

We will cross Palermo Chico, were the MALBA Museum of Latin American Arts, the chic Museo Renault Restaurant, Shopping Mall Paseo Alcorta, Mater Dei Church, and many big early XIX century mansions which now are mostly embassies and consulates. In the way to Palermo Park we will go through Germany Plaza.

In the Park we will see the Planetary, the Lake were many good Italian looking boys run, rollerblade, bike shirtless, cross to the Lake to enter the Rose Garden.

The prices listed above are the total price for the tour (depending on how many people you are). The tours prices are quoted in American Dollars.