Recoleta and Retiro Private Walking TourS

Recoleta & Retiro Private Walking Tour

In this tour we will walk through Santa Fe Avenue, which is one of the nicest commercial and residential areas of Buenos Aires.

This was also the original gay area (you still have some bars and cruising at night.

In Retiro we will explore Plaza San Martin, where you will be able to discover the huge French style Palaces that used to be the Argentine Landlords family homes, the English Tower as a prove of the big economical influence of the English community in the XIX century, the Malvinas War Memorial (Falklands).

Also in Retiro we will take Arroyo street which is one of the most elegant and refined streets of Buenos Aires, where you have some of the most respected art galleries in the city, the Israel Embassy Memorial Plaza, Sofitel Hotel wonderful XIX building.

In Recoleta we will see great examples of the Paris looking side of Buenos Aires. Alvear Avenue -the most exclusive shopping area in Buenos Aires-.The Fine Arts Museum, we will enter the Recoleta Cemetery, and walk around these incredible mausoleums, learning some incredible stories (including Evita's one),

In Recoleta we will sightsee the big mansions on Alvear Avenue, and the most exclusive shops which are located there, we will visit Plaza Francia, where you have the famous Recoleta Cemetery, Iglesia del Pilar which is one of the oldest churches in the city, a cultural center, design & decoration shopping mall, traditional cafe's like La Biela o Cafe de la Paix, and -on weekends- a huge artisan and craft market in French Plaza, where the cemetery and one of the oldest churches in the city are located.

Availability: Everyday.

Duration: 4 hours.


  • 1 pax U$S 55.

  • Add U$S 10 per additional person.

  • 4 or more ask for a quote.

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