San Telmo, Downtown & Puerto Madero Personal Walking Tour

We will visit in this tour three neighborhoods: Downtown, San Telmo and Puerto Madero.

In Downtown we will take a walk along Mayo Avenue to appreciate its incredible early XX century architecture, the first skyscraper of Buenos Aires, we will pass the Congress Palace, take a ride on the wooden original cars of the oldest subway line in South America. We will cross the "supposed to be widest Avenue in the World" 9 de Julio Avenue, make a stop or just take a peek into the magnificent Tortoni Cafe (which has been functioning since 1958), and visit Plaza de Mayo, the Cathedral, Mayo Pyramid, the Pink House (Casa Rosada), where Evita and Per�n used to speak to the "descamisados".

Then we will proceed to San Telmo. San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood of the city, is very nice and bohemian. It has a lot of Tango places, antique shops, an antique indoor market (originally XIX century food market), the first two stories house in Buenos Aires (from 1750), and the smallest house in Buenos Aires. We will see there also some of the oldest churches of Buenos Aires (one with cannon halls caused in English invasions 1906). On weekends we also will explore the antique fair on Plaza Dorrego, see tango dancers and other artists and musicians on the streets,

We will finish the tour exploring Puerto Madero. This is the newest neighborhood of the city, a former old and abandoned port that now has become one of the most expensive and glamorous residential areas in Buenos Aires. Some XIX century grain storage buildings and docklands had been refurnished by well known designers (Phillip Starck, FOster, Pelli), as Luxury Hotels and Residences.

Availability: Everyday.

Duration: 4 hours.


  • 1 pax U$S 55.

  • Add 10 U$S per extra person..

  • Groups of 4 or more ask for a quote.

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